Monday, January 14, 2013

My Lovely Holiday!

Hey, everyone! Life is finally a bit more calm! I have been a busy little holiday bee! A couple holiday parties, Arizona for Christmas and many other little activities that have made life really enjoyable! First Travis and I attended a holiday party at a friends house a few weekends back, I made a oil/tahini free hummus and it was yummo! Here is me and one of my besties!

Our good friends wanted some holiday pics taken so we had a little fun with that! How cute are we?!


I love him!
Then I went to Arizona! YAY! This was the first meeting with the in-laws! It went absolutely awesome! We ate lots of yummy food, went to Tombstone, AZ and also this super cool old mining town called Bisbee, AZ! We also spent a morning at the Saguaro National Forest and an old Mexican mission! All that and lots of quality family time made for a successful trip! Check it out!

Dinner at Tucson's oldest restaurant! Corn and green chili tamales! Awesome!

So cool!


Mission San Xavier del Bac

Mom and son :)
Christmas eve!
Christmas day!
Twins.....not really but wow!
Big ass beers in Tombstone!

Bisbee, AZ
Brussels sprout! A dream come true!

So cute!
Oh my yum!


Lavender Pit Mine
Makes me sad, just a big old hole in the earth!

Pretty gorgeous, isn't it?! I really don't think I could live in Tucson, AZ but I know I will visit again! It was truly relaxing and lovely! The next night was spent with an old friend! He is such a great friend and person! Love him dearly!


That is a pretty good recap if I do say so myself! I hope your holiday was just as great! More posts to come!

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  1. WOW! What an amazing recap! SO beautiful!

    You've got a couple of really great pictures of you and your man...So treasure those!

    Brussels Sprouts burrito? I'm on the next plane.