Monday, January 14, 2013

Happy New Year....A Little Late!

Better late than never! Happy New Year! We spent New Years Eve at my good friend's house! We ate yummy snacks, drank yummy beer and just had a really lovely time! Of course fun pics happened!

Cuz we are just that cool! 


New Years goals.....honestly, I haven't really set any! However, I have been taking more chances! I have had two job interviews for the same job! I think they really like me and I think I really like them! I will divulge more later if all works out! All I can say is, if this happens I will be one happy gal! I don't hate my current job, I just really need a change! My job is very sedentary, even when I am busy and I am just ready for something where I can move around and use my skills in a different way. I am also planning on taking voice lessons! I just really have the need to explore something that I really love doing...duh! I can't wait, I need to call the lady I was referred to tomorrow and get this going! I also want to make it a goal to lose whatever pesky lbs. that I have on me! I can do it! First step (which I already did), joining an amazing yoga studio! I love it and it really is my therapy!   Not to mention, I am getting toned and really flexible! I will write more about that later! So, I guess my goal for this year is take chances and make more changes! It feels good to be daring and even maybe not know what you might get out of taking that chance! EEK! I mean I have lost 90lbs., other changes are nothing compared to the changes I have already made!

Anyway, yay, it's a new year and I am ready and rearin to get it going! I really do love my life!

Question:  What is one of your new year's goals?


  1. Doran Doran! I'm so glad you are pumped for 2013! It's going to be a great year! I can't wait to read about your new potential job...and the yoga!!!

    PS you and the beau make a beautiful couple!